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Victoria Duggan is a Philadelphia born artist with a BFA in art from Millersville University. Her work is greatly influenced by the spaces and people she spends time with. She treats her art as a way to make sense of her own thoughts and feelings with the hopes that others can find a sense of comfort or their own story within them. Her work has been featured in group exhibitions at The Demuth Museum, Lancaster, PA, Second State Press, Philadelphia, PA, and in multiple exhibitions at Millersville University, Millersville, PA.

Artist Statement:

Relationships and spaces are the foundation of my artistic practice. The act of processing these relationships and spaces through drawing and printmaking has been a source of comfort for me in times that have been difficult, and gives me something to hold on to. Using anthropomorphized animal characters allows my work to extend beyond myself and also makes my work more approachable for others, as the subject matter can often end up somewhat dark or emotionally charged. The juxtaposition of these characters, against environments that are often based in more realistic and familiar settings, invites the viewer to engage more meaningfully, personally, and find their own stories or comfort within the work. 

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